Zari Sends Coded Message to Tanasha Donna after Breakup with Diamond PLatnumz

South Africa based socialite cum businesswoman, Zari Hassan, on Thursday 05/ March sent a coded message that needed interpretation to Tanasha Donna following her separation with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond first broke up with Zari before the singer landed to Tanasha Donna. This created enmity between Zari and Tanasha to a level of them engaging in a war of words on social media.

However, after Tanasha faced the same ending like Zari, the mother of five has come out to share a message with Tanasha.

” No matter how many times a snake shades skin, it stays a snake,” Zari posted on Instagram, which loosely translates to (Diamond Platnumz cannot change from his old ways come what may).

It is not just Tanasha and Zari who have been dumped by the ‘Jeje’ hit maker after siring with them kids.

Actress Hamisa Mobetto also faced the same. She has a baby boy with Diamond.

While at least three women, or rather baby mamas, are crying after being betrayed by Diamond Platnumz, the singer is of a different mind.

On Wednesday, he was of less concern when he was unveiled as the new Coral Paints brand ambassador.

The singer said that women love and want to be with him because he is best, adding that he has never forced any woman to love him.

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