When God Closes One Door, He Opens Another,Tanasha Bids Diamond’s Family Goodbye, Returns To Kenya

It seems all is not well with Kenyan media personality Tanasha Donna and her lover, Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz.

Recent speculations said the two are almost saying ‘enough is enough’ with their relationship.

It all started off when Diamond skipped Tanasha’s EP launch in Nairobi in last month.

Diamond landed into the country on the material day but later left before the launch could happen, for what he said to be an emergency in his home country.

However, it emerged that Diamond and Tanasha were not in their good terms.

On Sunday, 1st March, Tanasha jetted back to Kenya, just after few days in Tanzania.

What is raising questions is the caption she shared on social media.

“Home where I belong,” she stated off.

She went further and started how God was set to open another door for her and closing the other one.

It is not yet clear the door she was referring to, but with how she specifically addressed strong women, it speaks a lot.

“I feel your presence Allah. Every time you close one door, you open another each and every single time. Now wait and see what I have in store especially for you my strong women,” she added.

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