Wasafi Records Artists Love Sex, Diamond and Team Exposed

Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) male artists have been exposed in a new song dubbed ‘Bachela’.

Queen Darleen has featured WCB counterpart, Lava Lava, in a song set to be released any time from now.

Wasafi has shared a piece of the song on its social media, and it is indeed going to be a nice hit.

In some verses, Lava Lava reveals why he is not in a hurry to enter into a relationship.

The singer noted that what Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna are facing in their relationship was reason enough for him to take a break from dating and relationships.

“Uliza kilichomkuta Dangote, sijui kagomba na Tanasha, ame-tu-unfollow wote, ndio maana nimetulia navuta pumzi, sitaki kuenda mbio kwa kijifanya hodari,” he said which loosely translates to (Find out what is facing Diamond Platnumz, he had issues with Tanasha, and she has already ended contact with us, that is why I am taking my time, I don’t want to rush so as to look like a hero).

Queen Darleen goes further and pins Lava Lava to wall before she branded them, Wasafi artists, as guys who love sex.

Wasafi wote, mnaonekana mnapenda ngono,” she alleged, which translates to (It seems all Wasafi crew love sex)

Here is the video , courtesy of Wasafi Records.

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