VIDEO: Who to Blame as Parent Busts her Tweenagers ‘Acting Pornography’?

The act has left many Kenyans in a big shock, with some divided whether it is the parents to blame, signs of poverty, kids ‘growing up’ faster than expected or social media to blame.

A video has gone viral showing tweens pulling out sexual acts before their mother bursts them in the act.

The tweens, a boy and girl, were on the floor with the girl on top of the boy, making funny moves that left many people wondering where they had learned all that at that age.

Although they were not engaging in sexual acts, what they were doing was like the act itself.

A woman believed to be their mother is seen separating them with hot slaps before the video ends.

The big question is who is to blame for this shocking act by kids?


If parents have been engaging in sexual acts thinking their kids are not watching them then they are the one to blame. This happens when a family lives in a single room which forces parents to engage in the act after kids are asleep. Unfortunately, kids could wake up from their sleep when the parents are in the act. Some mature kids could also fake sleep so that they witness what parents do at night. That is why kids pose questions as “mother why were crying at night? Was father beating you?

Social media/Internet

Kids are at home and probably learning from home through online lessons. This means some are visiting social media or simply the internet where they can learn such like acts.


It is poverty that makes a family of five members live in a single room. For instance, you are staying in a single room in an informal settlement where you get to hear what happens in your neighbour’s room. With this, the neighbour cannot wait until your kids are asleep before they start a noise act during a cold night. Note most houses in Nairobi slums are just but ‘mabati’ and not brick walls, you hear everything.

Parents should beware that kids come across many things daily. Share with them so that they know sexual acts are only for adults.

Beating them like this parent did won’t cure the problem, kids could even change the venue for the same. Just guide them without fear of sharing sexual content with tweens. Let them not learn by themselves.

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