VIDEO: Prof. PLO Lumumba Amazes Tanzanians with his Well-Spoekn Swahili

Kenyan’s highly rated public speaker Prof. PLO Lumumba on Monday 24th February shocked Tanzanians with his well-constructed Swahili.

Normally, the highly learned Professor is best known for his nice flowing speeches, but in English language.

However, it was a special moment for the Professor while in Tanzania where he had been invited by President John Pombe Magufuli.

After a more than 30 minutes meeting with Magufuli, the Professor had a chance to address the media, when he picked the mic, his Swahili version was amicable.

In a two minute press address video shared on Instagram by Bongo Five TV, Prof. Lumumba was so good with his Swahili.

Lumumba told the media that he had been invited over by the President himself through a phone call.

He said they had a very fruitful conversation with Magufuli, where unity of Africa as a Continent dominated their conversation.

“Magufuli insisted that for African to get itself from poverty chains, Africans must start believing in themselves, all Africans, starting from the leaders and common Mwananchi.,” Lumumba said while referring to Dr. Magufuli’s stand on unifying Africa.

Here is the video, courtesy of Bongo Five.

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