Video: Mbosso Pops Up with New Greeting Style amid Handshake Ban over Coronavirus

Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) Records’ singer, Mbosso Khan, has this morning, Monday 9th, introduced a new greeting style after several countries banned handshaking over Coronavirus.

After his plane touched the ground in Zanzibar, Mbosso stretched his hand to greet unknown man who received him at the airport, but just before shaking his hand, the singer changed plans and switched to legs.

Their greetings ended on just touching their feet together.

Several countries are trying their level best to counter or rather prepare for the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19.

The COVID-19 has claimed several lives, at least 3000 lives to be precise, including 133 deaths that were reported on Sunday in Italy, thus plunging the whole world into panic on how to bring this virus to an end.

Among measures that have been put in place in most of the countries and especially in airports and public places, is banning the handshake type of greetings. This was after it was revealed that shaking hands with an infected person increased chances of new infections.

Handshake ban has also affected football in major parts of the world, especially in major leagues like English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A among others.

Players are restricted from greeting by handshaking and hugging opponent players before and after the match. Before the virus, players were supposed to shake their hands before the match, and even allowed to swap their jersey after the match.

Some matches are also played behind closed doors, with no single fans allowed into the stadium.

Unfortunately, new coronavirus cases are reducing. In China where the virus was first reported, only 40 cases were reported on Sunday as compared to 44 cases that were reported on Saturday. New cases have been reducing on daily basis due to measures put in place, including quarantine.

Just to make sure that you don’t catch nor spread the virus, you are asked to avoid close contact with sick people, cover your mouth and nose while sneezing, avoid touching your nose, mouth and the eyes, when sick, alert medics and stay at home, clean and disinfect frequently touched items as well as washing your hands regularly.

Here is a short video clip showing Mbosso taking necessary measures of avoiding the virus

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