Use Condom If You Cannot Marry Women You Impregnate, Diamond Platnumz Told

Highly rated Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz aka Chibu Dangote-Simba has be urged to use protection to avoid siring with any woman he meets.

Controversial activist cum socialite Mange Kimambi on Monday roasted Diamond for not using condoms to avoid impregnating women and later dump them.

This was after alleged parting ways between Diamond and his latest baby mama, Kenyan media girl cum singer Tanasha Donna.

Diamond got the 23-year-old Kenyan pregnant in less than a year after they started dating.

He then announced plans to wed the NRG Radio presenter, on 14th Feb 2019, before he canceled the wedding plans.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, Tanasha returned back to Kenya in a version that looked like they had separated with the Tanzanian.

This prompted Mange Kimambi to take to social media where she urged Diamond to use family planning and avoid siring with any woman he comes across.

Diamond is currently a father of four kids with three baby mamas.

Na wewe Diamond jamani kama hupendi kutumia condom basi uwe unakojoa nje. Mbona mshamba wewe? Wanaume mastaa wenye visenti vyao wasiotaka kulipa machild support wanapigaga mabao ya nje tu.,” read Mange’s post in part, which loosely translates to “and Diamond, if you don’t like using condoms, try other family planning measures, like the withdrawal method (not recommended my readers). Why are you so illiterate? Celebrity men like you, who got money are using the withdrawal method.

However, Mange also noted that it is not just Diamond to be blamed for the whole mess, ie endless breakups. She noted without proof, that woman have been trapping Diamond with pregnancies.

“It’s not fair to blame Diamond for everything. These girls put themselves in these situations. They trap him with pregnancies a few weeks after meeting him then expect him to step up to something he didnt ask for and wasn’t prepared form” she said.

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