UoN apologizes after Kenyans roasted it for blaming a rape victim for her recklessness

UoN [Source/Courtesy]

University of Nairobi has apologized to UoN students and to Kenyans at large after its insensitive memo over a rape case where a lady was gang raped by three men.

The university released a memo on 24th Feb and blamed a rape victim, a lady student who had been gang raped by three men.

The memo angered Kenyans, who took to different social media platforms and roasted the university for what they termed as encouraging rape.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Kiama Stephen Gitahi has since issued a public apology over the same.

Prof. Kiama agrees that indeed the memo was insensitive which does not in any way, represent the university’s image.

“I have noted that the memo was insensitive and did not represent the corporate values and the image of the University of Nairobi, and is highly regretted,” the memo read.

In the previous memo over the rape case, Director of Security and Safety Services to all students, said that the victim was reckless which lead to her being gang raped.