“Unataka nikupee?”, Boni Khalwale in Trouble for Posting Nudes

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has this Sunday found himself on the receiving end for posting a half-naked photo of a lady.

The lady has now challenged the politician with “Unataka nikupee?, which loosely translates to “Do want the forbidden fruit?

It all started when Khalwale changed his profile picture on his Twitter handle. The photo attracted mixed reactions of his followers, and among those who reacted to the picture was this lady by the name Sherylne.

She politically reacted to the photo and linked it to Khalwale’s close relationship with Deputy President William Ruto.

“You change your profile more times than you wash utensils in sugoi omwami,” the lady commented, suggesting that Khalwale has been doing manual jobs at DP Ruto’s home to remain useful in politics.

The comment did not land well in Khalwale’s heart. He replied to the comment by posting a photo of a half-naked woman, which looked more or less the same as nudes.

Khalwale implied that the lady who mocked him has been changing her nudes on her handle,.

“Not as many times as u change ua nudes,” Khalwale posted.

Screenshot showing exchange between Boni and the lady

This made the lady challenge him for the ‘fruit’

Kenyans have also taken to the comment section to share their mixed reactions, with some saying Khalwale stood too low to engage the lady in that manner.

However, others are lauding Khalwale for kicking back at the lady on grounds that it was the best way of stopping those who bully others on social media.

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