Top 5 Kenyan Celebs who Performed Greatly in Their KCSE Exams

Most of us if not the rest of us believe that talent and education are inversely proportional to each other, or rather they are parallel to each other

That is, when one has great talent, is not great in his or her education.

However, that is not always the case, most Kenyan celebrities scored higher greats than you could imagine.

Here are some top five best performers:

  1. JB Masanduku, the highly celebrated comedian scored a straight A in his KCSE
  2. Kennedy Ombima: Popularly known as King Kaka, is best known for his regular rhyme scheme in his songs and spoken word pieces. The way the rapper flows in his songs one can tell he is a learnt rapper. He scored an A- in KCSE and later did a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
  3. Fena Gitu: This is another rapper with clean papers, or maybe all rappers were sharp in classes? She once said in an interview that she regrets for not having scored an A plain. Fena managed to score an A-
  4. Creme de la Creme. The super DJ is a computer scientist who graduated with second class degree from Kabarak University. He had an A-
  5. Paul Julius Nunda. Best known as Juacali. The Genge founder scored B+

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