The More Men Massage Your Ego, The More Blind you Become To Attaining Wisdom – Tanasha Donna

Kenyan media personality-cum singer Tanasha Donna on Sunday shared a word of wisdom with her loyal fans.

The mother of one stated that one’s characters determine how far that person can go in terms of gaining life wisdom as well as making it in life.

According to her, men can make a woman blind to a level of not focusing on her wisdom goals.

She noted that being around men can lead to a woman’s ego getting praised until she turns blind and away from attending her wisdom.

“Yes men” aint the type of people to be around. The more they massage your ego, the more blind you become to attaining WISDOM. Protect your soul,” read Tanasha’s post in part.

Tanasha further advised her followers to focus on their characters to achieve long terms goals in life.

If your character aint right, you aint got it figured out & still got a long way to go. You might think that you’re smart cause things are moving, but its only for the short run. To play it for the long run, it has to start from within. It starts from your CHARACTER. CHARACTER develops HABITS. Then HABITS create long-term SUCCESS,”she added

Tanasha is currently working on a music project with other US based artists.

She recently dropped her EP that cemented her name in the music industry

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