Tanga Tanga Politician Hints Out Protests After Executive Order by President Uhuru Kenyatta

Few hours after Executive order by President Uhuru Kenyatta that abolished the Presidency, several leaders have taken to social media to share their views and frustrations at the same time.

Tanga Tanga team which has been supporting deputy president William Ruto towards his 2022 ambitions are sharing their frustrations with the order with some hinting out possible protests shortly.

Senator for Elgeyo-Marakwet County Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen has hinted out protests during his exchange with Member of Parliament for Ugunja Constituency, Mr. Opiyo Wandayi on Twitter.

Murkomen has asked the MP not to throw away the gears they were putting on during their past protests against the UhuRuto government before the handshake.

“Just don’t throw way your Monday protests shoes. They will come in handy. Keep also the tear gas yellow notes I may need to borrow. They when all is over we shall call you for another round of handshake. That’s life bro,” Murkomen replied.

Mr. Wandayi warned Murkomen of the hardships he should expect during the protests gave him a go-ahead for his personal experience.

“ML emeritus, i have been in that business since my university days; standing up for the rule of law and democracy and facing down the powers that be. So we are battle hardened, and in it for principle. Hard but try it,” Wandayi said.

Murkomen started this heated debate when he alleged that Uhuru’s last two years are likely to come with many bad things for leaders who will oppose him.

“Relax. The next 2 years will be about Succession politics. It will come In various forms; Fight for legislative control, change the constitution,fire&hire CSs &other senior Govt officials, political arrests, intimidation of Judges etc then Boom-Time is over. Nothing much. PEACE BE STILL!” he said.

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