Sonko reveals why he handed Nairobi County to National Government

Sonko handing power to National Gov [Source/State House]

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has revealed why he handed part of his government to the National Government.

Sonko says that he is the one who initiated the plan to hand some key functions of his county to the Natinal Government.

The flamboyant governor said he hatched such a plan after bench-marking in the US where he learnt that great cities are jointly managed.

“We established that cities and metropolis, the size of Nairobi, are best served jointly by devolved units and Central Governments,” said Sonko as quoted by Citizen

Sonko added that Nairobi is a special county as compared to other 46 counties the country has.

“Unlike other Counties, Nairobi being our nation’s seat of power and the country’s commercial capital, its needs are unique and calls for greater partnerships with other stakeholders, key among them being the National Government,” he added.

Sources on Thursday morning revealed that Sonko received a phone call from the state house where he was asked to show up within 15 minutes.

He was then welcomed with the plan to take over his key roles by the National Government.

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