No More Relationships, Tanasha Donna Sets Record Straight

Tanasha has revealed she not going to date any time soon after ending their relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

On Friday 06 March, she used her social media platforms where she shared with her followers why she is no longer interested in dating.

The mother of one noted that her new life aim and goal is to know God better, time for her family and then her music.

Tanasha is also not going to plan any revenge against Diamond nor his family after the breakup, however, she will be waiting to see how their own karma handle them.

“When people wrong you, never wrong them back, you can only fight evil with good, you will sleep better at night knowing all along you were real, genuine, loyal and not fake as you sit back and relax for their karma to hit them ,” she posted.

More so, she had noted that she is currently using all measures she got to avoid any male celebrity trying to reach her through her direct message.

She has also promised good music for her fans. She said that the past two weeks have brought in her life with many blessings.

“The blessings that I’ve been receiving these past 2 weeks, the international act I’m about to work with. I knew God wasn’t sleeping on me. He always wins. Just wait, won’t be too long ,” she said.

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