Msando is Calling, Kenyans Gang Up Against Moses Kuria for Saying Those in Power Want to Kill him

MP for Gatundu South Moses Kuria now says those with powers want to kill him.
Without mentioning the names of those who want to kill him, the lawmaker dared them that his life is not the end of others who will say the truth to those with powers and their powers.
“So what after you kill me? Am I the last one who will speak the truth to you and your power ?” he posed
Moses Kuria has recently become a key politician to criticize President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.
It is ironic for Kuria to go against the President yet they share the same constituency and before Uhuru become the President he served the same constituency as their MP.
Kuria has been a die-hard supporter of deputy president William Ruto under the famous slogan ‘Team Tanga Tanga” which simply means moving from one place to another.
Kuria and other Tanga Tanga politicians have been supporting DP Ruto ever since divisions between him and President Uhuru emerged.
With this latest post on Twitter, Kenyans have perceived his tweet as a message meant for President Uhuru.
This has made some to ask Kuria to respect the President, work with him on achieving the agenda he promised to Kenyans instead of fighting him right, left and center.
Other Kenyans trolled him for speaking of death.
They said other prominent Kenyans like the late Mr. Msando who died under unclear circumstances will be waiting for him.
Kuria and other Tanga Tanga MPs led by Oscar Sudi have been saying they would name those who killed Msando if they are pushed to the wall so much.

Msando is calling, Kenyans Gang Up Against Moses Kuria for Saying those in Power Want to Kill him
Kill me But am Not the Only One to Speak Truth to Your Power – Moses Kuria

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