Khaligraph Jones narrates his past experience in hands of ‘Slay Queen’

Highly rated Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has opened up about his past experience in the hands of a slay queen, alias Instagram girl.

In his latest hit song dubbed ‘Instagram Girls’, the self-declared OG narrated how a girl he fished from social media, precisely IG, drugged him before she stole key items from the rapper.

While artists sing such like songs without any truth attached, the OG said his story was a true life experience.

“Pale Youtube, Always telling y’all Stories inspired by real Life Events…Instagram Girls,” he noted.

According to the rapper, a lady from Instagram sent him a direct message. He then kick-started a chat with her and one thing let to the other.

He invited the girl to his apartment where everything were done behind the walls and curtains.

However, following day the rapper realized that his head and mental stability were not fine and the girl had disappeared with his belongings, including money and a mobile phone.

The OG warned Kenyans to beware of such like girls, and avoid trusting them to a level of inviting them to their houses.

Listen to his song here, YouTube.

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