It Is Unfair To Blame Diamond Platnumz For Breakup, Tanasha Trapped Him With Pregnancy

Self declared Tanzanian activist-cum socialite Mange Kimambi has this time round sided with county man, Diamond Platnumz after his alleged breakup with Kenyan presenter Tanasha Donna.

Through her post on Instagram this Monday 2nd March, Mange stated that it is not fair to always put the blame on Diamond Platnumz any time a breakup visit his relationship.

Mange was referring to the singer’s recent alleged breakup with his latest baby mama, Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha on Sunday night jetted back to Kenya before she posted a number of suggestive posts on her social media accounts.

According to Mange who did not however provide any proof for her claims, Tanasha and Diamond’s other baby mamas have been trapping the ‘Jeje’ hit maker with pregnancies

She noted that the women have been tricking Diamond to sire with them before he is prepared to do so, and for that , it is the woman to blame and not Diamond.

“It’s not fair to blame Diamond for everything. These girls put themselves in these situations. They trap him with pregnancies a few weeks after meeting him then expect him to step up to something he didnt ask for and wasn’t prepared form” she said.

Mange went further and asked Tanasha to stop seeking public sympathy after the breakup. She said that several quotes Tanasha was sharing were basically to throw public attention and then sympathy.

“Tanasha just hold this L. And don’t be looking for public sympathy with them quotes. Be glad you atleast left with a career. Everyone told you how this was going to play out ,” she added.

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