It IS Never Easy But with God, Tanasha Asks for Patience from Fans

Tanasha Donna is asking for patience from her fans, also known as Donna Gang, as she plans for a proper strategy for her music.

The mother of one is spending sleepless night in studio, working for her new project.

We all understand why she is supposed to work even harder after parting ways with highly rated Tanzanian singer Diamond PLatnumz.

Tanasha understands it is not going to be a walk in park for her to manage her music career, thus placing her trusts in God and working nothing less than harder.

“All we do is strategize, no rest, word mode activated, just be patient donnagang, your girl never disappoints, it is never easy but with God and handwork ,” she noted.

On Thursday March 5th, she spent her time in studio where she was working with Kenyan producer, Magix Enga, and indication his next music will be more of Kenyan vibe than Tanzanian.

She recently featured Diamond Platnumz in a hit song dubbed ‘Gere’, which did absolutely great.

The song gained over 5 million on largest video sharing platform, YouTube, in less than a month.

Since Tanasha has separated with Diamond Platnumz, it remains of great interest how her next song will perform considering some people said she was thriving on Diamond’s fame.

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