How Deep Should A Man Go During Twa Twa?

A man and a woman romancing [photo/bigeye]

Just to start with, twa twa or rather sex is only for married people, and they are allowed to have it everywhere, be it from kitchen or from your rest room.

For unmarried couple, it is good to wait until your wedding night, and if you have to, stay faithful to your partner. You can as well practise use of condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies and infections.

Let us now directly dive into our today’s topic, how deep should a man go during the act?

Studies show that a female organ, call it Ms Victoria, can accommodate different sizes of male organ, we name it Mr. Victor, and make them feel at home.

During the act, when a woman is properly prepared and ready for it, a man’s penis can go as deep as Ms Victoria can allows it.

However, a long Mr. Victor can stretch further up to her cervix, and when this happens, there are higher chances of the woman feeling uncomfortable and even pain, especially when she is not wet enough.

You can reduce the pain by changing positions to suitable one where a bigger Victor will not force its ways to the cervix.

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