Do locusts enhance ‘Nguvu za Kiume’? Deputy Speaker calls for research

Locusts [Source/Daily Nation]

Desert locusts are raising endless questions among Kenyans, starting from how to do away from them to their nutritional value to people.

It is being speculated the locust are good enhancers of sexual appetite and energy in men.

This has lead to Embu County Assembly Deputy Speaker , Mr. Steve Munene urging that a research be done to determine whether the claim is true.

While making a presentation in the House this Wednesday, he said that even the holy books says that God allowed human beings to eat locust, there was a need for research because locust contains higher percentage of proteins which might cause infertility in men.

“I read in the book of, I think, Deuteronomy that God allowed us to feed on locusts. We should be having a report to tell us whether we can advise our people to eat the locusts or not…they may be having some nutrition, have some medicinal value, nguvu za kiume, he said as quoted by Citizen Digital.

The Deputy Speaker wants the Agriculture department to get into research labs and come up with verifiable information about the claim.

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