Diamond Platnumz Sends Encouragement Message to Women After Alleged Breakup With Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records has brought together a number of woman in a new hit song dubbed ‘Super woman’ with special message for all women.

In the new song which was dropped this Tuesday, 03 Feb 2020, at least four women including Diamonds’ sister Queen Darleen, Khadija Kopa among others, combined efforts and released the song that encourages women in the society to stand up and be counted for what they do and who they are.

The song also reminds the society the importance of a woman and the role she plays.

All women are encouraged to venture into all economic activities including going for high leadership roles in the society.

While sharing the song on his social media accounts, Diamond said the song should change the mind set of women who have given up in their life.

Wimbo huu ukawe faraja na ukawape Nguvu na kuwatia Moyo wanawake wote ambao pengine walikata tamaa na kuamini pengie kamwe hawatoweza … Wimbo huu pia Ukafute unyanyasaji wa kijinsia na ukabadilishe mtazo kwenye jamii na wote tuamini kuwa wanawake wanaweza…Nyimbo hii ikawe ni Fahari ya Kila Mwanamke anaeamini Anaweza! anaeamini kuwa yeye ni Mwanamke Shujaa!!!!. ,” read Diamond’s post in part, which loosely translates to (let this this song be of great value and encourage all women who might have given up in life, that they will not make it in life. Let this song also wipe out all those abuse gender balance rule, that the song changes the society’s thoughts , let this song go to all women who believe they can, they are heroines)

The song comes few days after allegations that Diamond had separated with his Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha is back in Kenya, and word on the street says their relationship with Diamond ended on Saturday.

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