Diamond Platnumz Does not Attach Emotions to S*x – Maina Kageni

It has been revealed that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz does not attach any emotions to s*x.

Media personality Maina Kageni on Wednesday 4th March during his morning show, noted that Diamond does not understand why women get angry when they separate.

Maina who is one of the Kenyans that are close to Diamond, stated that Diamond had revealed to him how he has never attached his emotions to se*x.

Diamond has had at least three baby mamas, with Kenyan media personality cum singer Tanasha Donna being one of them, precisely the latest.

He has been siring kids with different baby mamas before dumping them and then moving on with new ones.

First of all, let me tell you all, that he doesn´t understand why you girls are always causing drama. He doesn´t attach any emotion to s*x and he can´t understand why women get angry, he doesn´t know,” Maina said

On Sunday, Tanasha returned back to Kenya for what was alleged to be another breakup with the singer.

The mother of one then went on social media and posted a number of posts that suggested she had parted ways with the Tanzanian

However, it remains unclear why the two decided to go their separate ways.

While most Kenyans were attacking Diamond for his act, Maina Kageni said that ladies should get to know that the singer is does not commit his emotions to a woman.

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