Coronavirus: Resolutions from Mombasa County Government Preventive Measures

Resolutions from Mombasa County Government
Preventive measures to be followed are:

1. Suspend Prison visits for the next 30 days.

2. (Additional) to minimize visits to the sick in hospitals (restrict to two immediate family members

3. Suspend all Inter school’s functions

4. Suspend all Public gatherings, meetings & events.

5. Suspension inter-agency, inter-institution, inter – religious meetings – gatherings.

6. Door to door sensitization on good hand hygiene.

7. Religious institutions to provide worshipers with sanitizers / soap & water.

Hotels, all institutions to provide clients with sanitizers / soap & water.


1. Likoni Ferry – Hand washing provisions at both sides of the ferry. (enforcement by Mombasa Inspectorate & NYS). TV Screens & speakers to sensitize the public on preventive measures.

2. SGR – to provide all passengers with sanitizers. (involve NYS with thermoguns)

3. We shall intensify hand washing campaigns especially in the informal settlements (slum areas)

4. We shall conduct aggressive hand washing campaigns

5. The committee has resolved that agencies put in place necessary measures on all points of entries,and mobilize more human resource for the same.

6. Bars & Night Clubs – Night clubs & Discos to be closed immediately. Bars & Restaurants minimize music & dancing, be closed by 11pm.

Kindly report any COVID-19 cases to the following Emergency numbers :

0793 390 984-Safaricom

0734 881 233-Airtel

0777 777 242-Yu

By Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho