Bruno Fernandes’ Penalty Style, Total Penalties He Has Taken, Missed

Manchester United new recruit Bruno Fernandes is making headlines with his penalty skills.

The play maker is only less than a month at Manchester United but has already recorded two goals, all taken from penalty spot.

What is much entertaining about the Portuguese is how he takes his penalty. Fernandes is using Chelsea’s play maker,
Jorge Luiz Frello Filho popularly known as Jorginho‘s style.

The style involves the penalty taker, unlike other takers who look at the ball before taking the shot, Fernandes and Jorginho look at the goal keeper, and only glance at the ball few seconds before taking the shot.

Fernandes keeps his eyes on the keeper all the time and even after making a jump that sends a wrong message to the keeper, forcing him to make a move.

He then sees the keeper make a dive as deceived by his high-jump-like skill. Fernandes then directs the ball to the opposite direction from the keeper’s dive.

In his professional football career, until 28th Feb 2020, Fernandes has taken a total of 24 Penalties, scoring a 22 of them and seeing two saved.

The player has several other skills of penalty taking, including leaving his leg behind until the keeper makes a move before taking the penalty.

Sometimes he hits the ball with all his energy, making hard for the keeper to try stooping the shot.

The best way a keeper can save Fernandes’ and Jorginho’s penalties is not being too quick to make a move.

Standing still when the player makes his an usual jump leaves him with limited option thus reducing his chances of finding the back of the net.

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