BREAKING: Heavy Gunfire Heard in Mandera Town, Several Casualties Reported (Video)

Soldiers at past attack Source/The Journal]

Heavy gunfire has this Monday, 2nd March, heard in Mandera town, where causalities have been reported.

Emerging reports indicate that there was a clash between the Somali National Army (SNA) and Jubaland Forces in Bulla Hawa town near the boarder of Kenya and Somalia. (at the Somalia side)

The clash also resulted to the poor communication within area and its surroundings after what seemed to be interference with the area network.

In a video making rounds on social media, residents were seen running away from where the gunshots were heard.

Police has confirmed that the shooting which happened today in the afternoon did not happen inside Kenyan soil as it had earlier been claimed, but in Somalia at placed called Bulla Hawa, which is located close to the border with Kenya’s Mandera town.

Police has also cautioned the general public from sharing such untrue information on social media, that may cause panic among Kenyans.

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