At Bombolulu Estate Where Sex IS Hawked And Served AT Open Field

The only Coastal City of Kenya, Mombasa, where as it has always been said, ‘Kuingia ni raha na kutoka ni karaha’.

One of key towns in Mombasa County is Bombolulu, situated along the Mombasa-Malindi Road on your way to Mtwapa., North Coast.

When you talk of illegal business like commercial sex or rather prostitution, a town that comes in one’s mind is Mtwapa, in fact it is considered to be the fourth city in Kenya, but only as a ‘Sin City’.

However, Bombolulu is also becoming notorious with this kind of ‘business’. Precisely, there is this famous estate within Bombolulu named after the town itself, where sex workers are acting , we can say ‘unprofessional’, where they display and offer their goodies and services in an open field.

Of course one expects to see sex workers near a brothel or maybe near lodgings.

This is not the case at this particular open field near Bombolulu Estate, just at the bus stop, where these ladies are offering services in a nearby bush.

Men who cannot afford to pay for the service and for a room are turning to these point to collect their desires.

The unusual business starts as early as 6PM all the way to morning.

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