7 Easy Steps On How To Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp If Bae Blocks You


Some of us if not all of us have suffered in the hands of our WhatsApp friends, mostly our lovers family members or even close friends.

This is where you are blocked and not able to chat with the person, see his or her profile photo nor last seen, and it hurts especially when the person is your lover.

However, there are ways of unblocking yourself when you are blocked.

Remember the best service you can get is when the service giver is yourself, so is when you unblock yourself.

Here are simple ways of unblocking yourself when blocked.

  1. Start by putting down the contact number of the person who blocked you and then delete it from your phone book.
  2. Back up all your messages from other contacts and groups.
  3. Then go ahead and delete your WhatsApp account. Note that this is different from uninstalling the application. Deleting your account means deleting your records from WhatsApp servers, and no one will block non-existing users. To Delete, go to WhatsApp settings> Account> Delete my account
  4. Clear your your WhatsApp data from your phone/ or just uninstall the app at this point. Go to phone settings> apps>  WhatsApp> storage> and clear data.
  5. Register your number on WhatsApp again, or rather install the app.
  6. Restored backed up data
  7. Finally add your deleted contact/save again one who had blocked you and you will be able to text him or her.

However, note that this solution is not good enough because the person can still block you the second, third time and so on.

The best solution which is long lasting is to reach to the person who blocked you though other means, eg Facebook or phone calls, and explain yourself why you think you should be unblocked, also promise to be a good person thereafter.

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