6 Things Every Man Needs to Win Bedroom Marathons and Set Records

When history was made by a Kenyan for running a marathon in less than two hours

Never shall we forget that we are African and Africa is our Business, and as we are made to believe, a man who completes his bedroom marathons makes his family happy.

That is, when the mother is happy, the whole family is happy.

Fellow Kenyans and other Africans, we all known big winners of field marathons are from Africa, or we just say they are from Kenya.

After all, it is a Kenyan who holds the under 2 hours marathon record.

In fact, he is the only human being on earth to have completed a complete marathon race under two hours mark.

He is none other than the famous Talai man, Eliud Kipchoge. Congratulations to him.

Away from field marathons, it is also important for every man to win bedroom races and be crowed by our loved wives.

There are key things that every man needs to set bedroom records, which include


Just like a field marathon, this other event also requires men to be physically fit. A man is physically fit if he takes part in routine physical exercises. They include hitting the gym and shedding off excess fat, morning and evening jogging, among other excises that will help you lose weight

Experts say “Men, This is not a sign of wealth or status. This is a sign of sickness, A fatty liver, Stubborn fat cells, Low testosterone & high oestrogen, Slow metabolism, Low libido, PE & ED. Get rid of this by losing weight. No shortcut. No spot reduction.”

A good exercise routine gives you chemical-level mood boosters.

Being Sober

Staying away from alcohol will help you be close to your partner when you are away from work, which makes your bond strong. Too much alcohol often causes poor erectile functioning. With such a problem, winning bedroom races will remain a story on Viusasa for you.

Enough sleep

Have you ever wondered why there so many cases of shamba boy taking control over his boss’s bedroom?

Imagine a bank manager who stays clean in his office the whole day reporting to police that his shamba boy is harvesting from his farm? It is shameful that we can only imagine it. Such cases do happen when the man fails to get enough sleep because of among others, job-related stress, which hinders his sleep.

Limited sleep means limited urge for you to take part in a bedroom marathon. But why? You may be asking why sleep is necessary

Experts say because testosterone is only produced at night. So if you aren’t getting enough sleep, your bedroom drive plummets quickly.

You need to be stress-free

Being stress-free means getting enough sleep, and the point above says, enough sleep will help you get hormones that dictate your bedroom life.

You need to stay away from blue pills

We all know what blue pills, the common one being Viagra. Unless your doctor says so, these are the pills you should avoid at any cost. This is because once your body gets used to them, the ‘set-go’ gun will be leaving you panting and puffing like a field marathon runner.

Eat health foods

Besides having a balanced diet, eating healthy foods is one of the ways of getting yourself ready for the big match in your bedroom. Foods with high levels of zinc are said to be good for men who want best in their bedrooms

Bananas are good fruits for every man

You should also consider having some fruits on your diet, which include bananas, watermelon among others

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