5 Tips for Healthy and High-Shooting Sperm

You may not be concerned with your sperm health at the moment, but this will not always be the case.

Time shall come when you will be looking for a baby, your wife wants to conceive, and the only option to make her wish come through is nothing but your sperm.

A helpless couple [Source/courtesy]

At this level, quality and quantity of your sperm will be your Arsenal, thus a need to have and keep healthy sperm.

Some tips for healthy sperms include:

  1. Dropping some kilos: Studies show that a man increases his sperm count by reducing his weight. It also increases semen volume, concentration and mobility, which makes sperm healthier.
  2. Exercising: This will help men to stay active and energetic. Study shows that exercising and especially weight lifting increases sperm health more than any other form of exercise.
  3. Stay away from those who abuse substances: This basically meas avoid abusing substances, which include alcohol, tobacco among other hard drugs.
  4. Go for cotton and loose boxers: This is to give a suitable temperature for health sperm. Let your testicles get enough air circulation.
  5. Reduce biking: Even though is also a form of exercising, too much biking reduces your sperm count, and when the count is low, so os its quality.

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