5 Reasons Why All Women Should Wear Panty Liner

A pantyliner [Photo/wikihow.com]

One scores highly when she puts on a panty liner while observing good hygiene.

For starters, a panty liner is more or less the same as a pad or rather a sanitary napkin, the difference is that a liner is a little bit lighter, thinner and cannot be used to absorb much of one’s menstruation blood the way pads do.

During this current generation, most women prefer using liners on daily basis.

However, there are still some who prefer only putting on a pant minus its liner, maybe to reduce the expenses of buying the liner in this economy or for their own reasons not known to this writer.

There are a number of reasons why you should put on a liner, which includes:

  1. Liners help women in managing their vaginal discharge. Women receive different amount of discharge during different time of the month, and to ensure your pant does not stain, a pant-liner is of great use on that.
  2. Liners help in catching surprise menses. These are menses that show up without warning signs. Of course women walk around with an extra pad in their handbags, but these menses can even stain your white skirts or what have you. With a liner, such like embarrassments can be avoided
  3. It keeps you dry and fresh all day Since the liner absorbs the daily discharge, you will remain dry whole day thus a good sense of comfort.
  4. It covers one against urine leaks. Sometimes your bladder leaks urine, and with a liner, the urine drops will be absorbed so that you remains dry. However, make a point of seeing your doctor if the urine drops persist.
  5. No stress during outdoor foreplay. Assume your out for a movie with your man and you end up engaging in an unplanned foreplay, obviously you will wet your Miss Victoria, and with the help of a liner, you will remain calm throughout the session.

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