5 Real Indicators a Guy is Finding You Attractive

Sometimes it is hard if not hardest for any woman to know a man is crushing on her.

If only you knew he was interested in you then you would have shown him signs of saying yes, which in most cases, make work easier for the man to make a move and hit on you.

The following are some signs that indicate the guy is finding you attractive:

  1. He smile at you: A man who is finding a woman attractive cannot hide his smile, in fact he will make his smile to look more attractive. He is not bothered by who is around the woman until he sends his smile.
  2. He stares at you: The guy will not just steal glances and ignore your presence in his eyes, but he will take some time staring at your face and how you would have dressed up.
  3. He shows off you to his friends: Even without talking to you, he will make sure his friends also see the beauty in you. Some end up taking pictures of the woman without her conscience.
  4. He ‘unknowingly’ touches the woman: The man will touch you and pretend he did not intend to do so, it was an accident, but in reality, he wanted to come close to you and touch you.
  5. The guy will try his level best to impress the woman and even make her look special: We all know how far men can go when they want to impress a woman, they can even kick a lion chasing after you without a single fear in them if that was the case

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