3 Reasons That Helped Patrick Ayoyi Last That Much Long For First Shot On Target

Ayoyi and his alleged cousin [Source/Ayoyi Patrick]

Patrick Ayoyi recently shocked Kenyans when his sex video emerged online.

Actually, the 20-minute long video was shared on his Facebook account and later pulled it down after Kenyans roasted him.

He was later arrested for allegedly defiling a minor.

However, Ayoyi was released from police custody after it was revealed that the viral video was recorded back in 2017 and the girl was then 20, an indication she is now 23 yeas.

While some netizens roasted the nigga for engaging in sexual act with alleged cousin, others were interested in his ability to last that long for ‘first shot on target’ and the the size of sugarcane.

It is clear Ayoyi is an experienced man in the sector, which may have helped him last that long with his first shot on target before scoring the goal.

Here is why Ayoyi may have lasted that long:

  1. He allowing the girl to take control of the act. Ayoyi was a good boss who would delegate duties, he allowed the girl to drive the car as he took breath and reserved the energy. When the woman is in charge, a man is able to control how fast he will score the first goal.
  2. Swapping positions. We all know how experienced strikers like Christiano Ronaldo and Messi change positions on the pitch while looking for a goal. Ayoyi employed the same skill where he swapped styles at least once, which gave him an opportunity to control his speed of finding the back of the net.
  3. Buying time. If you cannot manage to last long in bed and make your woman satisfied, at least buy time and make her believe you are not a fast scorer. We all know how women can hate when a man scores within first two minutes of the match, it like losing a bet of no goal in the first half. Within those 20 minutes of the video, only 13 minutes were utilized for the act. He took some minutes to set his camera, apply ‘lubricants’, as well as set up the playing ground which involved reaching for a pillow to protect his knees after changing from position one.

It is clear lasting long is not mission impossible, but depends on your game plan.

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